Since I was a child I have felt most at home in nature, by the sea, in the forest.
Sitting by the piano I combine myself again, to the water, the flow, following what to come.
Sometimes it develops into more visual physical forms, but music comes first.
It´s a mystery and it´s magic.
Like in nature, where different shapes meet each other in a wholeness of light, sound and body.
This space, in between, is what I wish to pass further, where we are more than we see, and a part of everything.


Once working as a trained architect, Freja left her work and studied at an artschool for two years. There she started to write music, combining it with pictures in videoworks. She had her first solo exhibition 2012, integrating music in an installation together with videos, sculptures and large drawings. Since then her focus is on music; now including textures, forms and space into the music. The first album was released in 2014 – Watertime.

Projects in 2015: Arrangement for and participation at Stockholm Water Prize Ceremony, The Blue Hall. Production of a short film for The County Administrative Board of Kalmar, supporting the nature (music from Watertime).

Projects in 2016 and 2017: Azalea Exile. A solo project where music written 2014-2016 meets visual works – sculptures, photographs/videoprojection – based on nature.

Project in 2018, 2019, 2020: RISING. A solo project developing the music. First concert at St Ansgarskapellet, Stockholm, 24 Feb 2019.

Projects in 2020- 2022: Pupa Time, a film, 22 min, released on Vimeo. Several video releases, on Youtube. And a long stay on an island on the West Coast of Sweden, to further develop the music and filming, being with nature.

Project in 2022: Film premiere of “Steps” in Denver, USA, September 17th. Participating in Silent Screen “Activating Environmental Awareness”, curated by Beatie Wolfe. Supernova 7th Dimension Film Festival.