Steps – Colorado Convention Center, September 17th.



29/6  Varbergs kyrka


10/6 – 17/6 Jubilee exhibition, arranged by Göteborgs Bildverkstad. Group exhibition.

18/1 A talk at Researchers Desk


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Film premiere of “Steps” September 17th, in Denver, USA. Participating in Silent Screen “Activating Environmental Awareness”, curated by Beatie Wolfe. Supernova 7th Dimension Film Festival.

Concert one-to-one, 18/6. Gothenburg. Photo from that day, below. 

Release of the video I Am on Youtube, 17/3.

Release of the video Give It Away on Youtube, 13/1.


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Release of the video What If on Youtube, 28/10.

Release of the film Pupa Time 30/4 on Vimeo.

”Filmen är så vacker & subtil & viktig” ”Den är otrolig både i tonalitet och vision. Precis vad mänskligheten behöver. Särskilt nu.” (Publiken) Selected by Berlin International Art Film Festival 2021.


Release of the music film Pupa Time 12/12

Residency at home. Scholarship from Västra Götalandsregionen 15/5

Video releases from RISING, 2nd edition. Live videos on Youtube and Facebook. Performing in the old water cistern, inside the Earth.

“Magic” (Nov 2019. From the audience, about the performance live, with music and video projections)

Photo from the video “Woman” – watch on Facebook.


30/11  RISING, 2nd edition. Kulturtemplet, Gothenburg (photos above)

24/2  RISING, 1st edition. St Ansgarskapellet, Stockholm:

”..artistically strong, personal, brave, sharp and sensitive… spaces of tones.. Freja is in the moment, present.. I am touched by the performance in the golden room.” (From the audience)


VIDEO RELEASE: Releasing 6 videos from the Azalea Exile tour. Start 2 Aug:

Resound 2/8, Waterfree 16/8, Tumble town 30/8, I wish 13/9, Looking for humanity 11/10, Flowers 8/11.

Jan – March: Follow the composing of a new song – Falling – on Facebook.

Jan/Feb: Producing a single. Videorelease Never give up, on Youtube 27/9.

12/1 Video release of Cuts from the Azalea Exile tour:


” Suggestivt och närvarande. … verkligt och experimentellt på samma gång… tempot tvingar publiken att sakta in, lyssna in, vara…” (Från pressen) “Eget, personligt, originellt, arty” “Meditativt – jag kom in till mig själv” “Fantastiskt vackert!” “Det går inte att beskriva, måste upplevas… en helhet” (Från publiken)

Azalea Exile on tour:

15/11 Tranås, 16/11 Sävsjö, 19/11 Värnamo, 20/11 Vetlanda, 21/11 Eksjö, 22/11 Nässjö, 25/11 Gislaved


19/6  Recording a new single: Never give up. To support young refugees. 

8/4  Folkteatern, Gothenburg,  I can´t keep quiet day

29/1  Annedalskyrkan, Gothenburg

AZALEA EXILE August 2016


22/11  Släps kyrka

10/8, 13/8  Azalea Exile. A solo project, with newly written music together with photo/video/sculptures, Gothenburg.

18/7  On radio: The St. John´s Morning Show / CBC, Canada. Interviewed about Mistaken Point (from Watertime), when Newfoundland´s Mistaken Point was named UNESCO World Heritage site.

15/6  On radio: Interview with music (about 20 min). Participated in “Östersjöblues”, Radio Haninge, Stockholm.

Earlier this spring: A project for The County Administrative Board of Kalmar.


Freja Havesang at Stockholm Water Prize 2015, The City Hall, with musicians and dancers (Odissi Dansproduktion)

Freja Havesang at Stockholm Water Prize 2015, The Blue Hall, with musicians, and dancers from Odissi Dansproduktion. 

20/10  Släps kyrka

26/8  Stockholm Water Prize Ceremony 2015, World Water Week. Stockholm City Hall.

20/5  Release of a short movie produced for The County Administrative Board of Kalmar:
Marina naturvärden runt Öland och Gotland
The movie includes music from Watertime (Still I hope).

This spring: Hey Life and Way to Wonderland, from Watertime,
together stayed for 17 weeks on Svenska Närradiolistan.


October: Release of three videos on Youtube: Water studies
Based on live recording in March 2014 and earlier videowork.

29/10  KoM Musik & Bar, solo

11/10  Nationella omställningskonferensen, Gothenburg, solo

27/3  Releasing Watertime:
Concert at Teater UNO, Gothenburg, together with the musicians from the album.


Producing the album Watertime.
January: Recording the first single What´s wrong
18/8  Café Santo Domingo/D R store, solo


Course at Academy of Music and Drama, March 2012 – January 2013
22/11  Musikens Hus, solo
28/2 – 4/3 Solo exhibition at Frölunda Kulturhus. Exhibition-album: How to fly

from Earth, video, from RISING 2nd edition 2019